Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Drives the Success of a Company?

The answer is more than just talent or vision. It’s the leadership development, leadership training, and most of all leadership skills of the CEO.

Talent and vision are two of the qualities necessary for a CEO in order to run a successful company. But these aren’t enough if a third essential quality is lacking: leadership skills.

As CEO Phillip Browne says, “A good leader is someone with a mission or direction in their lives which they can pass on to others.” Your talent and vision are lost if you don’t have the skills to communicate these effectively to others and ensure that they follow through with their obligations. Time management, problem solving, staff and client management are all facets of running a business that a CEO must deal with. Great leadership skills, therefore, are an absolute must.

In business as in any other field, a good leader is respected because of the quality of their skills and character. A good leader and CEO is one that staff trust and want to follow. This bond is developed through setting a clear direction for your company and by following through on your promises to deliver results. It is also important to make sure your staff and clients follow through on their promises too.

The life of a CEO needs to contain continual and ongoing training and development. Theirs is a job with many pressures and with many people relying on them for direction. It is important for chief executives to hone their leadership skills if they want to drive the success of their employees, and their company, in the longer term.

One effective method for CEOs to improve their leadership, problem solving and strategic skills is through the use of a CEO peer group. This is a group within which non-competing CEOs share knowledge and expertise to problem solve and strategise on issues each are facing in their own businesses. You can learn about this method of leadership skills development in a free information resource which will be downloadable shortly. I'll let you know as soon as you can download an obligation free information resource on becoming a better leader.

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